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This wiki is about the books and characters in David Wood's book series, The Dane Maddock Adventures. If you are a fan of the series, feel free to contribute content!

About the SeriesEdit

Action, adventure, mystery and more! Navy SEAL turned treasure hunter Dane Maddock and his partner “Bones” Bonebrake don’t look for trouble, but adventure seems to hide around every corner. A globetrotting action-adventure series in the tradition of Clive Cussler, James Rollins, and the Indiana Jones adventures. There are currently five books in the main series, with a new "origins" series forthcoming.

The Dane Maddock Adventures

1- Dourado

2- Cibola

3- Quest

4- Icefall (novella)

5- Buccaneer

6- Atlantis

7- Ark (forthcoming)

Dane and Bones Origins

1- Freedom (co-authored by Sean Sweeney)

2- Hell Ship (co-authored by Sean Ellis)

3- Splashdown (co-authored by Rick Chesler)

4- Dead Ice (co-authored by Steven Savile)

5- Liberty (co-authored by Edward G. Talbot)

6- Electra (co-authored by Rick Chesler)

More About the Dane Maddock

The Characters

The Mysteries

The Settings

The Creatures

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